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  2. Image of Gardenroom in hexham
  3. Image of Gardenroom in hexham
  4. Image of Gardenroom in hexham

Gardenroom in hexham

Completed in febuary, Garden building in hexham, With front overhang roof and Grey Upvc French doors with side windows. This garden room was located 40 metres down the very bottom of the garden, really looking forward to updating pictures in the summer when everything is finished around the garden room with internals all decotared, trees and surroundings in full colour.

Client Comments

Dear Simon
The garden room is looking great, we have just about finished the painting. Thank you for all your hard work, we were so lucky with the weather as well. I hope you will come back in the spring when all the trees are out and have a look at it - we hope to have some paving and so on by then.
Good luck with your business, hope this year goes well for you. we
will certainly show off our new acquisition and recommend you to
friends Best wishes jane

Jane Dammers, Hexham
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